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Unable to access WiFi throughout home

Since moving into a new place I have been unable to access the WiFi throughout the property. I could understand this if it was a large house, but I'm currently living in a 1 bed flat, with only 4 distinct rooms. Streaming to the TV via the puck is also problematic despite everything being situated together. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Re: Unable to access WiFi throughout home

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Sky loans wireless booster hardware free under the terms of the 'WiFi Guarantee' element of 'Broadband Boost' and the 'Enhanced Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee' part of the 'WiFi Max' subscription supplement: they don't otherwise provide or sell them except to resolve issues with Sky Q. Inevitably some have leaked onto a certain auction site, but Sky won't offer support with using these.  Confusingly the 'Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee' doesn't actually provide booster hardware, and is essentially a sales lead generator for the supplements mentioned above.

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