Discussion topic: Speed is Fine - Stable Connection is the Issue

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Speed is Fine - Stable Connection is the Issue

We've had the Sky Wifi Max Hub for about a month. The speed was fine, but the Hub kept disconnecting all devices at random intervals and opening the "Sky Heal" page on our PC's. This was occuring multiple times a day (5-10), with no prior warning or pattern.


We swapped back to our old Q Hub from before we upgraded, and this issue disappeared.


On advice from the technical team, we reconnected the Max Hub on the 22nd, and they found 'slow' speed (0.7MB below our Guarantee, we weren't concerned), so booked an engineer. The engineer visited on the 24th, and they changed the main socket for the line, and took the Q Hub to be returned to Sky (to avoid the addtional charge).


Since the engineer has visited the Wifi Max Hub has disconnected the Wifi  2 times on the 24th, 6 times on the 25th, and 6 times on the 26th. These are just the times we are aware of because either myself or my husband were home.


We are starting to become really annoyed with this. I work from home 2 days a week, and can't even guarantee that I can be in a meeting due to the instability of the connection.


Any advice would be appreciated before I call Sky on Monday and tell them I'm going to cancel if this can't be sorted!


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Re: Speed is Fine - Stable Connection is the Issue

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@NLDebenham when you say "disconnecting all devices" do you mean the hub dropped the network connection in your home or the hub lost connection to the exchange? The first would becan unusual fault the second is a line issue not caused by the hub - you should becable to tell as the indicatir light on the hub changes colour to red. 

If the line is dropping you need to run the connection test in the My Sky app to see if there is a known issue affecting your line if there isnt call Sky so they can get Openreach out to sort the line. It is pointless changing isp if you move to another company who will use the same line as the fault will move with you.

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