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Slow wifi

I have seen that my guaranteed speed is somewhere around 45mbps, and after running your tests I am told the signal strength is 56 mbps, but today my WiFi feels unbelievably slow. I have ran some independent speed tests and am getting scores well below that, some are around 40, some tests show I am only getting 20 mbps. Considering I pay for ultrafast is there a reason why this is the case today?


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Re: Slow wifi

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@James807py are you sure you are buying Ultrafast (minimum speed over 120Mb/s) as your speeds indicate you are on Superfast. (Up to 80Mb/s) ?

The connection test measures the spedd to your hub while speed tests measure the speed to the device running the test and you havecto allow for 8% of the bandwidth being used for network overheads so a 45Mb/s sync will deliver say 41Mb/s at best at a device.


However if the wifi speed in your home is slower that is the speed the test records wifi speed depends on how far you are from the hub, what walls, furniture etc that lies between the hub and the level of interference. Also of course thecspeed one device gets depends on whether other devices are using some of the bandwidth. 


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