Discussion topic: Sky hub orange light - ongoing over 1 year

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Sky hub orange light - ongoing over 1 year

Hi all

Ever since getting sky fttp have beeb having the internet drop outs with the orange light on voice

all others green but no internet connection


Have rang sky no end lots of help but no solution, new router, openreaxh engineers last guy tried a new ethernet cable 2 weeka ago 

but this morning again it happens

has been ongoing ever aince getting fibre

never had issues on adsl lines 


before i ring sky again and proabbly get fobbed off again anyone got any tips 



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Re: Sky hub orange light - ongoing over 1 year

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@Robbo30 you are unfortunate as while we get reports oof this issue few people get it continously. The fault appears to be in the server managing your connection. You can sometimes clear this by powering down the hub for 30 minutes or so and some people find using the option in the maintenance section of the hub's web interface to drop the connection works.


Esentially Sky need to fix the server of which apparently there are more than a hundred around the country so this takes time.

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