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Signals not reaching rooms

Paying for ultra fast broadband and max WiFi box and it don't reach all the rooms

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Re: Signals not reaching rooms

Unfortunately WIFI isn't a perfect solution. There are issues with range and the composition of your house/flat, interferance from neighbours, walls and metal mesh will also degrade or even block your WIFI signal. In such cases you will need a WIFI repeater which will, as it says on the tin repeat the existing signal strengthing it.


Here is a link to give a big more information:

Wi-Fi Extender vs. Booster vs. Repeater: What's the Difference? (howtogeek.com)


Sky do sell their own repeaters:

Sky Broadband Boost | Sky Help | Sky.com


They cost more but are a simpler solution. My advice is how technically confident are you? If not go with sky otherwise shop around for a cheaper deal.


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