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Scam phone call

Hello, I phoned a number which i thought was to be sky but it turned out to be a scammer. we gave certain details like name, address and account number but not password. After realising this we changed our account password. Is there anything i should be worried about and if i did accidentally give my password (i cant remember but i dont think i did) how can i resolve this and what could the scammers do with all that information, Thank you



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Re: Scam phone call

Posted by a Sky employee

Hey @sj301 


Sorry to hear about your call. 

I suggest you to take a look at the sky.com help article about "Scams calls, emails or texts" on the following link:



For future reference if you need to call and already have a Sky Mobile or a Sky Talk landline call free by dialling 150, otherwise you can use:

UK customers: Scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0333 number.
ROI customers: change the flag in the bottom right corner of the link to the ROI flag then scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0818 number.


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