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Router placement


i live in a new build which has fttp internet,

we have a separate modem that sits in the electric cupboard next to front door , and as a result my sky router sits on top of the cupboard 

it's not an ideal spot but I can't move it as it's connected to the modem with Ethernet 

the house is very well insulated and I struggle to get a signal  in the garden , which is essential as I have just had a pub shed built 

the shed is not too far from the back door and I can pick up a very week signal but can only get 1/2 meg at best if anything 

is there any way of moving the router to another room using power line adapters or similar , can I plug one into the modem and the other into the router elsewere

its not possible to move it using longer Ethernet lead










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Re: Router placement

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@markyb1234 if you have reasonable wifi coverage in your home surely the best solution of getting internet connectivity to the shed would becto use powerline adapters with one connected to the hub's LAN connection and the second in the shed. Wifi signals do not pass well through external walls and if you want to watch video iin your shed that set up is likely to be more reliable. Actually running an external ethernet cable from the hub to the shed may not cost much more.


i have not seen anything to say you can't use powerline adapters for the WAN traffic from the ONT (modem) to the hub but neither have I seen reliable reports that you can. Couple of points to think about first WAN traffic cannot be mixed with LAN traffic (hub to device) secondly powerline never delivers its rated speed in the real world its something more like 20 to 50% in my experience greater if on the same circuit and only usexwall sockets.. 

Quite why developers consider placing network connections in cupboard is a good idea is one of the mysteries of the building trade.

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Re: Router placement

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Re: Router placement

@markyb1234 In your new build. do you also have data points ie scatered throughout the house and all terminating in the cupboard, and if so and not using any ethernet ports apart from the wan connection

then you should be able to patch the router to new and better central location, only one extra network cable would be required and assuming the builder got the wiring all correct when build was done.

Powerline with Ethernet/Wireless would work and that assumes you have power to your shed, and dont expect max speeds due to distance and electrical power cable wiring.

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Re: Router placement

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@JohnGills1978 wrote:

these are good

speaking from experience



Those are extremely outdated and certainly not recommended for FTTP broadband since it uses N WiFi which came out in 2009. 

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