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Router Return

I recently left Sky broadband for another provider. I have (as far as I know) the most recent Sky Router. I paid a one off fee to get it without also getting Sky Q (I did subsequently get Sky Q TV then canceled after the 18 months were up and returned the equipment for that last summer). 


Presumably as I owned it rather than renting it, I didn't get any return packaging for it when my BB contract ended, but its no use to me and I'd rather gift it back to get recycled as it's in perfect working order.


I don't have the original box any more, the help pages say agents can't send out additional packaging, but I didn't get any in the first place, is it possible to request some?


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Re: Router Return

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@Rax1 most Sky hubs are lent rather than given away so have to go back. Normally Sky send out packaging but you dont need to use that see https://www.sky.com/help/articles/return-tv-broadband

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