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No internet in FY7

The router is showing nothing or amber but that disappears - have reset, turned off on etc but no internet connection in the house


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Re: No internet in FY7

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@JunePatmore Can you please run the broadband test, this can be done either via the Sky app on mobile data or use the link below.

If it finds an external fault it should enable you to book an engineer.


Check the service checker also to see if it can see any outages.

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Re: No internet in FY7

Thanks - I placed this question as I look after my Mum's Sky account but live 200 miles away and as an Octaganerian - technoloogy - running tests or logging on are just a no go - eventually I found a number to speak to an individual at Sky who kindly booked an engineer as it is a hub set up issue as phone line working - not something an Octagenarian can deal with. Tech companies need to recognise that older people dont do tech but everything forces you down DIY solutions which is hard enough for people with a bit more tech knowledge but really is something companies need to think about rather than relentless push for no human contact and help yourself solutions 


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