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No internet and working from home

My broadband went down for several hours yesterday again for several more hours in the early hours of the morning and been off since approx 5pm today. When it was down for so long and after testing the line an engineer was booked but my account said I would receive a call to confirm an appointment. I've not had the call and now can't track in my orders to see if I still have an engineer booked. I have online exams to take tomorrow and a course that can not be changed over zoom starting on Monday. This course isn't available for another 2 months and I will loose the pub tenancy that I am due to start in 4 weeks if I can not take part.. this is urgent as it will impact my life beyond repair if I can't complete the exams and take part in the course from the start on Monday morning.. I can't seem to get anywhere with anyone I don't mean to be a drama queen but this is my livelihood quite literally on the line if it doesn't get fixed in the next 12 hours please if anyone can help or advise me I'm really at panic point now with it


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Re: No internet and working from home

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@Megajade8  All faults on a Domestic Broadband service are governed by the Domestic Broadband SLA's as set put by Openreach, Sky cannot hurry up repairs, if a connection is essential to a business you ought to either have a backup for it or purchase a business grade service, normallly costing more than you pay than the domestic service you have.


Sky can't & won't compensate for loss of business etc.   

Like you I'm a customer here, Sky Employees are clearly identified as such.
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Re: No internet and working from home

It's not about compensation and it is home broadband I have to complete exams to start my business but I'm on a deadline I was hoping maybe someone knew if we are allowed to hire an external engineer or anything so that I can get it fixed asap.. or if there was anyway to find out if an engineer had actually been booked yesterday as it appeared in my order update last night but the page won't load correctly today so I can't find out what is going on.. I have no landline or anything and my mobile is  goodybags so won't connect to sky customer services I'm just after advice how to get all this sorted before my exam starts tomorrow if anyone knows what options I have please as I don't want to get an external contractor if I'm breaking any contract with sky etc if you get what I mean 😩

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Re: No internet and working from home

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@Megajade8 if the fault lies with Openreach lines or equipment only the engineers they authorise can work on it. The fault can lie anywhere between the connection to your home to the street cabinet and potentially beyond and could be anthing from a broken wire to a whole area needing reconnecting. Buying mobile data would be maasivly cheaper than hiring an engineer even that was possible.


Assuming you can't use mobile data I would think where I could beg or borrow a wifi connection from a friend or use a public wifi network such as at a library or coffee shop etc. These events always happen at the most inconvenient moments unfortunately but as @GD1 points out  you are paying for a standard domestic connection and we all get the service that buys. 

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