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No broadband newport

Broadband isn't working, Amber connection light. Restarted and reset no luck. Call centre not working go round in circles and only offer is text for online support. Online support says no known issues and no other options. Sky support used to be good now useless. Any suggestions? 


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Re: No broadband newport

You know what I think would work, if everyone just stopped paying their bills and called to cancel this joke of a service.

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Re: No broadband newport

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@Termak all not paying will do is put you into contact with Sky's charmingly insistent and efficent debt collectors. It will most certainly not cause Sky to get Openreach who owns and operates the network to repair faults. 


@iggle79 Openreach engineers are on a 24 hour strike today the 29th July and again on Monday 1st August unfortunately we have to expect faults will take longer to get sorted over this period. If your service is still down this morning run the connection test in the My Sky app over a mobile to seecwhst it tells you. It may book an engineer but that will of course not happen until next week sometime. Alternatively call Sky - dialling 150 on your Sky Talk line is free0 to reportvthe fault.

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