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Hello. I am in the process of leaving SKY due to the price increases and will be saving money moving to Vodafone for Broadband. To make things easier I wired the 2 minis to the SKY router  I have 1 in the dining room and 1 in the bedroom.


To speed things up when the switch goes ahead and not able to use the the SKY Boosters afterwards. I purchased a Mesh. 


I had turned off the wireless option in the Q minis and the Main Q box. I also turned off the 2.4 and 5 Ghz signal from the router so it was acting as the modem only and ran an ethernet betweenthe mesh adaptor to the sky router and renamed the mesh the same as the router so everything connected as normal, everything which uses the WiFi did  


Now here come the problem. I ran an ethernet between main Q into the mesh adapter and selected it was hard wired  the main Q box found a connection however the 2 hard wired Q minis could not find the main  Q box.

I had the same issue when when I connected the Main Q box wireless to the mesh adaptor.


Any suggestions please? If I am best to run an ethernet from the Main Q into then the router then I will so. I thought it would be possible to run it the way I had?





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