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Lose connection every night

I lose conection for between 30-90 seconds every single night, usually at some point between 0045 and 0245. It drops, reconnects, and I'm back on. More an irritation than anything as I'm a night owl, but it happened with my old Sky router and it's happened with the replacement one since I got sent a new one a couple of months back as well. Q box is not in eco mode,


Router Statistics
System Up Time: 1513:02:11

Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collision Pkts Tx b/s Rx b/s Up Time WAN MER 14347437 39344382 0 69014 28668 23:36:33 LAN Up 254946453 252267459 16 694788 7600859 1513:02:11 WLAN (2.4 GHz) Up 48417624 236554736 0 21919 1604 1513:00:19 WLAN (5 GHz) Up 2719258506 1235373513 0 0 0 1513:00:16

Broadband Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 67702 kbps 18484 kbps Line Attenuation D1(14.5 dB) , D2(34.2 dB) , D3(48.2 dB) U0(6.1 dB) , U1(29.4 dB) , U2(41.3 dB) Noise Margin 3.1 dB 6.3 dB

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Re: Lose connection every night

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@TimGa I suspect the most likely cause as you have a VDSL service is a DLM reset.  The cabinet is continously running the DLM system which will reset the connection around 2am if the line parameters have varied in the previous 24 hour period. Although this shouldn't happen every night it can happen for days at a time especially after periods of bad weather.

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Re: Lose connection every night

Ah, I see, thanks for explaining. Well, it literally happens every single night, and has for as long as I can remember, so looks like I'm just stuck with it!


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