Discussion topic: Is it a sky hub issue?

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Is it a sky hub issue?

Hi I sky broadband super fast and on and off for the last month I've had to do constant reboots because the internet drops out.  It would start at once a week and now has gotten worse.  I had an engineer out Friday who said it was the box on the wall for the wires to go in. We then had great internet until Sunday when it cut out all day.  I contacted sky to ask if an engineer can come out.  They said no because we are having fibre up in on 16th.  The engineer apparently has sent a cable for the fibre once sorted. Today they are sending a new hub out. 

my question is do you think it's the hub? We've had it for over 3 years. 

I work from home and have disabled parents that I care for so to say I don't need this hassle is an understatement. 

for reference we have sky q and two mini boxes with an iPad 4 mobiles and a laptop 


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Re: Is it a sky hub issue?

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Can you post your hub stats



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Re: Is it a sky hub issue?

I had exactly the same. I gave up in the end. Now have to pay a get out fee! Very unfair at Sky.



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