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Internet pages won’t load on WiFi

Wondering if someone can help please, when connected to Sky WiFi the internet page oh my phone won't load or take a good 10 minutes to come up. The signal around where I live is shocking but I've tried disconnecting from WiFi and even local signal is loading faster than when connected it's really frustrating. I've done a broadband and WiFi test and it says there are no issues at I am at a loss to what the problem might be. Any advice welcome? 


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Re: Internet pages won’t load on WiFi

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@JessSimpson are other devices working normally? If they are check the network settings on the phone are showing a valid IP address when connected to the Sky hub. You could try setting a fixed address on the phone for the Sky connection say something like which shouldn't clash with any other device but in any case reserve the address in the hub's LAN IP  setup page.

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