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Internet down

The internet has been down since late thursday. Was informed by SKY that openreach would fix it by Saturday. 

When i ring SKY get automated message saying we can check the status online (well cant do that as have no Internet at Home). 

My phone isnt working either. 

im paying for a product/service which I am unable to use or access 


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Re: Internet down

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Openreach don't work on individual domestic faults at a weekend so you're looking at Monday now I expect.

Billing continues whilst there's a fault but the below link explains the Ofcom agreed auto compensation scheme which Sky operates for when there is a TOTAL loss of Sky Broadband or Sky Talk.

If you have a total loss of service and it isn’t fixed after two full WORKING days from when the fault is first reported to Sky, you will become eligible for it. It’s applied 30 days after the fault has been repaired and will come in the form of a credit appearing on your Sky account.

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