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How to find your Sky Broadband router stats

Your Sky Hub statistics should look similar to this.Your Sky Hub statistics should look similar to this.

If your broadband connection isn't performing as expected, it may be helpful to share your router stats with the Sky Community.  Please note this information isn't available on the White Hub 6 router.


How to find your router stats?


Your router stats can be found in your router settings page.

  • Make sure you're connected to your home broadband network
  • Open your browser and type into your address bar.
  • When prompted enter the username: admin and password: sky or your WiFi password
  • Select the Maintenance Tab
  • Scroll down and click on Show Statistics
  • Copy and Paste your stats into a Sky Community post and explain the issue you're experiencing.





What can influence my broadband performance?


Line fault: You may have a fault on your telephone line which is affecting your broadband performance. Click this link for our Service Checker and sign in with your Sky iD to run a line test and troubleshoot your broadband issue.


Equipment: The issue you're experiencing may be related to a piece of equipment which needs replacing. Check your router stats, replace your microfilter and check them again.


Setup: These days, there are so many setup options available which can cause issues over time. Where possible, I'd recommend connecting your Sky Broadband Hub directly to your master telephone socket, without extension telephone cables.


I think I may have slow WiFi, what can I do?


Take a look at this page for some good tips on how to get the most from your home WiFi connection.


Sky Hub > ADSL cable > Microfilter > Master telephone socketSky Hub > ADSL cable > Microfilter > Master telephone socket

For further support, ask the Sky Broadband community.

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