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Extend WiFi through cat 6

I have just moved and have cat 6 in all rooms. Some rooms don't receive any WiFi signal. What can I plug in to the cat 6 Ethernet port to extend my signal?


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Re: Extend WiFi through cat 6

@Polly9  Firstly!  Are all Ethernet ports in the mentioned rooms confirmed as working?

You would possibly need a patch cable in to the distribution point at the router end & a laptop plugged in to the Ethernet socket in each room to test / confirm?

Unfortunately where previous party's are involved, a placement of pre-existing cable or faceplate dose not necessarily guarantee a connection back to the router.


Then once you have confirmed that the cable runs have a connection back to your router,

Let the forum know in more detail:

number of rooms with no wifi (placement & number of units needed)

 would it be just wifi or wifi & Ethernet connections ( ap's with multiple Ethernet ports)  

rough cost of how much you want to spend?


The forum would then be in a better position to offer the appropriate advice or recommendations for suitable units.


Hope that helps






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Re: Extend WiFi through cat 6

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When Sky is the ISP, the simplest hardware to use is the Sky booster which matches the Hub model.


Sky loans booster hardware free under the terms of the WiFi Guarantee element of the Broadband Boost and Max WiFi subscription supplements, and to fix Q television problems: they don't otherwise provide or sell them. Inevitably some have leaked onto a certain auction site, but Sky won't offer support with using these.

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