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@JohnnieNo5 & @JimM1 to clarify Sky Q nini boxes cannot be connected to third party wifi. Where customers dont have a Sky Broadband hub the minis connect using a closed 5GHz signal produced by the main Q box. This is the signal thst requires boosting and why Sky sent the booster. It should be plugged in midway between where the main Q boz and mins are situated and linked by wps to the Q box not your Vodafone router. The main Q box only connects by the 2.4GHz band to the main router.


In some homes you can hit interference issues between the Sky 5GHz signal which by default will interfere with ch36 to ch52 which most ISP suplied routers also use. If you suspect that is  happening go to Settings on the main Sky box and enter 0,0,1 before select which opens a hidden menu on which you will find an option to switch the 5GHz wifi from its default of ch36 80MHz to ch36 40MHz (ie halving the channel range) or ch44 40Mz choose one of those and save the setting and exit. Then you can set your Vodafone router to use the other half so they dont overlap


Hope that helps.

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