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Broadband not activated



I had yesterday (14.03.2024) the engineer coming to install my broadband since I just joined Sky. And I read that I would received a message up until midnight about the activation of my broadband. But I have not received it and my broadband hasn't been activated either.  And seems impossible to talk to an actual agent from sky. (Except that bot chat that was getting on my nerves)  I starting to regret having changed to Sky. 

Does anyone have any tips or can help me what to do? Thanks in advance! 


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Re: Broadband not activated

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When the phone lines open in a few hours you will need to call Sky.


150 is the free number to use from a Sky Mobile phone otherwise under "Need more help ?" link at the bottom of the page on this link is the number to call Sky on:


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Re: Broadband not activated

@caesarome Thank you very much! I'll try later 🙌🏻


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