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Broadband connection

Im writing to you in regards to the poor connection and lack of knowledge regarding this issue. Ive been struggling with my connection for months now. Had 2 visits from engineers, hours on the phone, and constantly trying to troubleshoot from home. When raising the issue before, all that sky were trying to do was sell me more products and then told me i wasnt entitled to a proper compensation as i didn't report the issue sooner even though sky knew about this issue as i had a email in october saying about how they are aware theres a problem in the area and i can leave my contract without a fee. This was right before my contract was up so it made no difference if i cancelled anyway. When i do use the service checker on the app, even when the internets fully off it comes back with no issues even though my download speed sits at half what im meant to get when it comes back on. Im now at a point again where we have no internet, no access to tv, no way of doing our work from home and constant cut outs when on important teams calls with clients. This issue needs to be sorted promptly as ill take the level of service im recieving to the ombudsman

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Re: Broadband connection

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@Benjiiii92 wrote:
 This issue needs to be sorted promptly as ill take the level of service im recieving to the ombudsman

Where an ISP offers early exit without penalty, that's typically because they are acknowledging it's unlikely a copper line quality issue can or will be resolved by Openreach and the 'guaranteed' speed actually delivered.  As such they've complied with the terms of the contract (because in fact speed is not guaranteed at all) and so the appointed ADR is probably not going to take up the case.


This appears to be happening more frequently as Openreach proceeds with their transition from copper to optical service nationally and so are decreasing the resources allocated to FTTC.

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Re: Broadband connection

We are not sky, we are just customers on here 


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