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Broadband Query


I switched from BT to Sky and my broadband should have been activated yesterday. The checker shows there's no issue with service to my line but no matter what I try I can't get the internet light to go on. 

I don't know the cable names - so I'm just going to say square end and rectangular end and hopefully you'll know what I mean by that. 

With BT I had a square end plugged into a filter where it was marked DSL and the rectangular part of the filter went into an OpenReach socket that only had one slot, for that. 

I hoped it would be as easy as plugging the new router in yesterday and swapping the cable from the BT hub to the Sky one. That didn't work. I tried the new cable. Didn't work.  Taking the filter out and plugging directly into the wall. Still didn't work. 

I did phone last night and was told it could take up to midnight to activate (despite getting a text at 8am yesterday to say it was active - now understand it's something to do with the system refreshing). Had hoped it would work this morning but it hasn't. 

It's super fast broadband with the black hub that I've got. What am I doing wrong? 


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Re: Broadband Query

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You are probably doing nothing wrong as it sounds like Openreach have not activated your line. If you hadn't closed your account we could have escalated your post to a Skyteam who could find out whats gone wrong but now they cannot contact you.

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