Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee

We’ve launched our new Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee


We’re giving eligible customers money back for one month’s broadband subscription if you can't get 3Mb/s WiFi in every room. You can find more information regarding what 'every room' means here!



Who’s going to get it?


You're automatically covered by our Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee at no extra cost if:


  • You have fibre or full fibre broadband and are in-contract
    • Tip: Sky Broadband Superfast 35, Superfast, Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus and Gigafast all use fibre.
  • Your broadband’s been active for more than 14 days
  • You don’t already have Sky Broadband Boost with WiFi Guarantee
  • You have a Sky Broadband Hub (4)



How do we check for eligibility?


We'll use Service Checker to check your broadband and WiFi for any faults. If a fault is:


  • Found by Service Checker on our end: we will show you troubleshooting steps as we normally do, and check for the fault again. 
  • Not able to be fixed by troubleshooting: and you're eligible for money back, we'll be able to apply a credit.
  • Able to be fixed: but the you still think there’s an issue, we will continue to troubleshoot your WiFi using further guidance. After completing all steps, if your issue can’t be fixed and you want to claim, we'll see if we can apply any credits.


Due money-back with Speed Guarantee? Some customers might be due a credit for Speed Guarantee as well as for Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee. We’ll automatically apply the credit to your next or future bill if you're eligible.



Still have a Wi-Fi problem?


There are benefits of upgrading to Sky Broadband Boost including WiFi Guarantee to get the best from your WiFi performance, but it isn't for everyone. We've got some further advice for customers who don't want to purchase an upgrade, but want to improve their connection.


  1. Change your Wi-Fi channel. This process involves taking yourself off the wireless channel with heavy traffic and moving into the fast lane. For the 2.4GHz network, channels: 1, 6 and 11 are the best choices. You can also change the channel used by the 5GHz network; as Sky Q defaults to using Channel 36, anything but this is a good choice.
  2. Try an ethernet cable for a wired connection directly to your device. This usually works well for people that use consoles and those of us that work-from-home.
  3. Certain powerline adapters use similar carrier frequencies, so check your home to see if there’s anything causing a slow upstream. 
  4. Factory reset the router to kick off any other devices, to ensure you have the full capability of the broadband speed



How is W2W different to WiFi Guarantee?

Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee

WiFi Guarantee

 Is for…  


Fibre or Full Fibre customers that are in contract and:


  • Don’t have Sky Broadband Boost with WiFi Guarantee 
  • Have a Sky Broadband Hub (4)

Is for…


Customers who pay for Sky Broadband Boost with WiFi Guarantee and are in contract.


Remember: Boost doesn’t include WiFi Guarantee

If you can’t get 3Mb/s in every room:


We’ll give you money back for one month’s broadband subscription (including any offers and excluding any Sky Talk subscription or call charges). 


Go to Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee for more info. 

If you can’t get 3Mb/s in every room:


We’ll take steps to try improve your WiFi, if eligible, with WiFi boosters and/or WiFi Guarantee visits.


Then if you still can’t get 3Mb/s we’ll give you money back for what you've paid for your Sky Broadband Boost. 


Don’t forget Sky Broadband Boost come with other great features. Go to Sky Broadband Boost and WiFi Guarantee for more info. 


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