Can I have a Sky WiFi Booster?

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If you want more information about how to get a Sky WiFi Booster, take a look at this page.


Connectivity issues with Sky Q TV


Try these troubleshooting steps, if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues when watching Sky TV you’ll be presented with the best contact options. Contact Sky and an engineer can attend your property to look at the best ways to resolve the issue which may include installing WiFi Boosters (at no extra cost).


WiFi connection issues with other devices


If you’re experiencing WiFi issues on other devices e.g. mobile phone/tablet/ laptop etc you may want to consider including Sky Broadband Boost to your monthly subscription. As well as a range of other benefits, Boost will include a WiFi Guarantee which can include; the new Sky Broadband Hub, WiFi boosters and even money back. Take a look at this page for more info.


Do Sky sell WiFi boosters?


In most circumstances, no. However, with Sky's WiFi Guarantee, boosters may be provided at no charge depending on the issue you’re experiencing and your package.


Why does Sky report a different speed to my speed test apps?


The short answer is, they are measuring different things. Speeds that you see on or My Sky app are measuring the line speed received by your Sky Hub. Whilst your speed test apps are measuring throughput (usually over WiFi) which can be affected by a whole host of factors. This page has more info.


What else can I do to solve WiFi issues?


If you haven’t tried them already, these steps can help you diagnose broadband issues.

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