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Hi, i have noticed a increase in my bill and would like to discuss this please thank you.

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Re: Payment

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Likely you have some in-contract discounts that have ended.


no one from Sky will phone you by posting on a public forum. You will need to phone Sky if you wish to renegotiate and sign up to a new minimum term contract with discounts.


You can call on 150 from a Sky Talk Line or Sky Mobile.

If you haven't got a current Sky Mobile or Sky Talk this link should help:
https://www.sky.com/help/home Scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0333 number. If you are in the ROI on the same link change the flag in the very bottom corner to the ROI flag to obtain an 0818 number.

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Re: Payment

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If you’ve been a customer for a while a discounted deal may have recently expired or be ending very soon. Sky will have told you the date the discount was ending when you took it out. Try comparing a previous bill to your latest bill and see where the amounts differ

If your discount has ended you will need to contact Sky to try to negotiate a new deal which will require another 18 month minimum term contract. Sky are not obliged to offer you another discount so if you’re offered something acceptable you need to agree to it there and then because if you decide to think about it the offer may no longer be available.

You can either call Sky or use the following link

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