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Not accepting bank details

I'm having trouble updating direct debit to my Virgin money bank account it accepts it everywhere else fine but on sky not accepting them even tried updating over phone and saying something went wrong I've checked the details many times there definitely correct only having issue with sky 


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Re: Not accepting bank details

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You haven't said what is actually happening so all you can do is to phone Sky and speak to someone so they can update the details for you if either using the MySky app or a different web browser doesn't work for you.


150 is the free number to use from a Sky Mobile or Sky Talk phone otherwise under "Need more help ?" link at the bottom of the page on this link is the number to call Sky on:


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Re: Not accepting bank details

Sky tell me the sort code is wrong but it isn't and i use it everywhere else i spoke to them on phone twice explaining I've all my other direct debits set up on my current account but they still tell me it's invalid sort code even thou it's correct sort code I asked can they get there technical team to look into why sky is showing the sort code invalid they say they won't as it's not a issue with them it's because I'm giving them a invalid sort code which i ain't as it's exactly right checked several times use it everywhere else with no issues checked with bank on my card everything 


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