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Boxing not showing on the tv

Hi we have paid for the boxing this evening on my sons card but my account we can’t watch on the tv But it seems to be coming up on my phone. The tv keeps saying we have reached a credit limit even when we try to buy it again?


evening has been arranged around this fight and we can't watch it? 

can anyone help? 


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Re: Boxing not showing on the tv

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@Green79  To watch on on your box it should have been ordered via the box, as you've done it on line it sounds like you orderd it for the mobile.


From the Sky Box Office FAQ  Note: you will only be able to view on one platform at any one time and can't run the stream concurrently across multiple devices. You will also be unable to view the event through a Sky or Virgin set-top-box unless you make an additional purchase of the event through the appropriate channels.

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