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Peculiar Sky reception

I am having a bit of an issue with Sky reception.


The issue is intermittent and variable (which probably makes troubleshooting difficult).


I often get a message saying "Your Sky box is not getting reception" (or words to that effect).


So, for example, I cannot get some channels but get lots of others.


Sometimes BBC1 is not receivable even though a programme on BBC2 is actually being recorded.


Sometimes I cannot get any channels at all (at least up to about 200 when scrolling through meant I lost the will to live).


Sometimes programmes set to record fail to do so.


I might be overusing the word "sometimes" here but in a sense that is the problem. Sometimes.


I dont think it has anything to do with trees etc (there aren't any).


It is driving me nuts so any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Peculiar Sky reception

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"No Satellite Signal" is an error generated by your Sky box, it has nothing to do with broadband (Internet connectivity) and usually indicates an issue with one or more of the following:

• The Dish is misaligned (not all transponders are getting through, thus some channels may be affected and others not)
• The Tuners in the sky box
• The input sockets on the Sky box
• The plugs on the cables
• The cables themselves
• The Sockets on the dishes LNB
• The dishes LNB has gone faulty for the connections the box is using
• You have plugged your Sky+ box into a dish that is only compatible with Sky Q

You may have to call out a local satellite installer, unless you have Sky Protect insurance, to check/fix your system, another option is to move to Sky Q, as during the move all issues will be resolved as part of the install, there is also the option of Sky Glass or Sky Stream, if you want to move away from satellite TV and use the Internet

Annie  ( I am Neurodivergent )
Sky support for Sky+HD and earlier systems has ended, you can still get support if you already have Sky Protect insurance otherwise you'll have to find your own 3rd party company to get support from at your own expense

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