Where's Santa / Santa Tracker on Sky

The countdown is on. It’s almost time to track Santa again!


Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream will give you a map with the live location of Santa Claus and his reindeer on 23rd December. Santa’s journey across the world map begins on the 24th at 10am and ends on the 25th at 11am.


Where can I find it?


This festive feature can be found within the Apps section of the Sky Menu, or by using the voice search button on the remote and saying “Where’s Santa?” or “Where’s Father Christmas?”


Here's a list of what commands you can use:


  1. Where's Santa?
  2. Where's Santa Claus?
  3. Where's Father Christmas?
  4. Where's Kris Kringle?
  5. Santa Tracker
  6. Where’s Santa Tracker?
  7. Where is Santa right now?
  8. Follow Santa
  9. Is Santa coming tonight?


The smart remote is handy outside the festive season by using voice commands to change channels, pause, skip forward and play the TV. If you have any challenges with the above Voice Commands, comment below so that we can escalate this to our product teams!

Key Santa drop-off points


Santa's Village, North Pole at 10:00:00 on 24/12/2023

Chichijima Island, Japan at 12:31:00 on 24/12/2023

Ioto, Japan at 12:35:00 on 24/12/2023

Cairns, Australia at 12:56:00 on 24/12/2023

Townsville, Australia at 12:59:00 on 24/12/2023

Mackay, Australia at 13:02:00 on 24/12/2023

Brisbane, Australia at 13:05:00 on 24/12/2023

Sydney, Australia at 13:08:00 on 24/12/2023

Wollongong, Australia at 13:10:00 on 24/12/2023

Canberra, Australia at 13:12:00 on 24/12/2023

Melbourne, Australia at 13:14:00 on 24/12/2023

Adelaide, Australia at 13:20:00 on 24/12/2023

Alice Springs, Australia at 13:23:00 on 24/12/2023

Darwin, Australia at 13:26:00 on 24/12/2023

Fukuoka, Japan at 13:42:00 on 24/12/2023

Kyoto, Japan at 13:49:00 on 24/12/2023

Mt. Fuji, Japan at 13:52:00 on 24/12/2023

Yokohama, Japan at 13:54:00 on 24/12/2023

Tokyo, Japan at 13:57:00 on 24/12/2023

Niigata, Japan at 14:00:00 on 24/12/2023

Hakodate, Japan at 14:05:00 on 24/12/2023

Broome, Australia at 15:28:00 on 24/12/2023

Albany, Australia at 15:31:00 on 24/12/2023

Perth, Australia at 15:34:00 on 24/12/2023

Lagos, Nigeria at 22:03:00 on 24/12/2023

Abuja, Nigeria at 22:05:00 on 24/12/2023

London, England at 01:25:00 on 25/12/2023

Cardiff, Wales at 01:30:00 on 25/12/2023

Leeds, England at 01:32:00 on 25/12/2023

Livingston, Scotland at 01:35:00 on 25/12/2023

Dublin, Ireland at 01:40:00 on 25/12/2023

Belfast, Northern Ireland at 01:42:00 on 25/12/2023

Shannon, Ireland at 01:44:00 on 25/12/2023

Santa's Village, North Pole at 11:00:00 on 25/12/2023

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