Miniacs has launched on Sky Live!

Introducing Miniacs, Nex's take on the racing game genre! Dash and crash through big mini-worlds, with friends! Battle against anybody online and invite your friends directly to join in the race and compete with up to a mob of 4 players. There are always other Miniacs to play and challenge.


Miniacs gameplay.Miniacs gameplay.


How do I play Miniacs?


  1. Open Miniacs from the Sky Live apps menu.

  2. Grab control of the unique motion-controlled steering wheel

  3. Select your character and let your imagination take over!

Play on your own or compete with friends to see how fast you can finish. You’ll feel like a puppet-master, a magician, and a racing god—all at once.


If you’re having technical problems, see our Using Sky Live guide for information on setting up your room with the right lighting, and wearing the right clothes.


You can also reset the tracking of the camera by covering the lens with your hand!


What do you think of Miniacs? Give it a go!

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