Juglr - a new Sky Live motion game!

Juglr is a new game on Sky Live crafted to take full advantage of motion control, challenging players to do ‘body puzzle solving.  Players bounce items around the screen to complete challenges such as hitting characters into a spotlight, bouncing them on mushrooms and more!


Juglr includes 60 levels of fun for you to explore, meaning you’ll always have something new to play.


How do I play Juglr? 


  1. Open Juglr from the Sky Live apps menu. 

  2. Play the game tutorial and meet the characters 

  3. Play through the levels and get ready to juggle! 


If you’re having technical problems, see our Using Sky Live guide for information on setting up your room with the right lighting, and wearing the right clothes. 


You can also reset the tracking of the camera by covering the lens with your hand! 


Check it out!


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