Discussion topic: Sky Stream UI freezing / Lagging badly

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Sky Stream UI freezing / Lagging badly

I've got a Sky Stream, running on 1000/110 FTTH, wired. Internet is rock solid, and indeed the live TV channels never miss a beat / take any time to buffer, or stutter themselves.


The UI on the stream seems to be falling over in certain apps (e.g. All4, sometimes on the home screen), where it will just stop responding to any remote control. I've tried the remote in IR mode, I dont think its anything to do with the remote comms itself, as the overlay stays pinned to the screen and doesn't dissapear. Often, after a minute or so, it all comes back to life. 


While this is happening, the media itself (live TV, catch up etc) keeps playing just fine. Often this presents itself when either going back to the main menu, or fast-forwarding / pausing when first playing something on catchup. 


Is this a known issue?



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Re: Sky Stream UI freezing / Lagging badly

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Hi @bdavbdav 


There aren't widespread reports of this on the forum. I have 4 pucks and my Glass and don't have such issues. What firmware is running on your Puck and who's the ISP? There have been some reports of issues with pucks and Virgin broadband and Gigaclear broadband etc.


There was also an issue where remote controls wouldn't upgrade the software, the resolution to this was (might be worth a try):


1.Pair your remote control to your puck (by pressing 1 and 3 for 5 seconds).

2. Once you've seen that the pairing has been successful, switch the puck off at the wall socket.

3. Plug the puck back in and leave it switched on for a minimum 15 minutes.

4. Switch the puck off at the wall socket for a second time.

5. Power the puck back on and continue to use the service, allowing the puck to go into standby as usual overnight.


Another thing just to check, while you say wired, did you turn WiFi off in the network settings? Pucks and Glass have this weird thing where they will still try to use WiFi even with cable plugged in, unless you turn it off.


Failing this ask Sky to swap the puck out. (We are fellow subscribers here on the forum).




65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.
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Re: Sky Stream UI freezing / Lagging badly

Will give the remote control a try - I'm fairly certain its not a remote issue as it will get stuck on certain UI elements that would quickly dissapear (e.g. the seek bar on streaming, between scrolling elements), but worth a go.


ISP is Sky, I've got smokeping running, and its absolutely bulletproof - 2.5ms pings to cloudflare rock solid, and the speedtest never really drops. Will try turning off the WiFi, but as far as I know its never had the wifi set up (theres an ethernet socket and a switch behind the TV that it was plugged into straight off the bat). 


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