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Remote question

First post here from a new user. This forum has been very helpful, so thank you!.


The advice to change audio to passthrough has fixed the immediate lipsynch problem, otherwise I would have sent it back!


Our entertainment system is in a cupboard with IR extenders, so I have no problem with the puck seeing the remote.  But I'd like to know more about the remote control that I haven't found from reading the many threads  on the subject.


Does the remote always send commands by both BT and IR, even if only IR is in use?  Does one of these always take priority?


I have a multi device learning handset that currently controls all our audio and video devices.  But it hasn't been able to learn from the Sky controller, so at the moment we are having to use two controllers.   I'm sure I'm not the first to have discovered this.  Is there a device that will control the Stream puck and other devices like the TV, blue-ray player, etc?


I'd be grateful for any advice from experienced users..





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