Sky VIPs can get The LEGO© Batman Movie free of charge!

Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman!



Build a super movie night in with the coolest hero, Lego Batman. Sky VIP are bringing the VIP experience to your living rooms once again. From today, Sky VIPs can get The LEGO© Batman Movie free of charge for a hilariously heroic movie night in.



What’s the offer and when does it end?


  • From today until 31 August, VIPs can get the HD Digital Buy & Keep movie The LEGO© Batman Movie priced at £0.00/€0.00 in Sky Store.



How do I get this offer?


  • If you have Sky TV: On your Sky box - go to Sky Store on the Sky homepage and select the HD Digital Buy & Keep the movie, The LEGO© Batman Movie, using your remote. The discounted price will automatically be applied to your box and charged to your Sky TV bill. (You’ll need a compatible Buy & Keep box.)

  • If you have Sky Broadband or Sky Glass: Go to and sign in using your Sky ID. Search for The LEGO© Batman Movie and your discount will be applied when you select the film (the movie will appear as full price until you log in). You can watch online or via the Sky Store app.

  • Sky Q and Sky Glass customers: can be superheroes for the day and claim their free movie by using the voice command “I’m Batman”.


When will I get my movie?


  • Your movie will be available as soon as you complete your order.


You can find more information on Buy & Keep by visiting the FAQs section on our website.

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