Discussion topic: Will not record: “There is a Technical issue please try again later”

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Will not record: “There is a Technical issue please try again later”

Won't record Sky Sports Tennis - error messsge

I subscribe to Sky Sports Tennis Channel 407. Normally I can pre-record episodes/matches listed on the Sky TV guide on my Sky Q box ok.


Today, I wanted to record Sky Sports Tennis (407) as I was going to be out of the house for a few hours and didn't want to miss anything of today's programme


The programme was listed on my Sky Q's TV guide as "Live Tennis: Rome" starting at 12noon and finishing at 10pm with no break in the schedule.


However I have not been able to record the programme as, each time I press the record button on the programme on my Sky Q's TV guide, I receive an error messsge stating:

"There is a Technical Issue please try again later”. 

I have switched on/off router as well as rebooting Sky Q box but it makes no difference. I still can't record from that channel. 

If I try to record another channel, say Countdown which is on shortly on Ch 4, it works ok and the red R button comes up on the screen. 

Could it be due to the fact that on Tennis Channel 407, Sky annoyingly does not split up the day schedule on the programme guide into small chunks? 

For example today the tennis started at 12noon and is listed continuously on the electronic programme guide, uninterrupted until 10pm. The 10hrs are not split into smaller slots so I wonder whether the error message is because I don't enough storage for 10 hrs of Sky Sports Tennis HD.  I have 7% left on box which usually will several hrs. I don't plan on recording the whole 10hrs; I just wanted to record one match whilst I nipped out. 


if anyone can advise, that would be great




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Re: Will not record: “There is a Technical issue please try again later”

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Hi @Shashie 

Just tried here and no issues with recording this channel.

Worked OK (record once) from the channel live and also from the TV Guide.

Certainly will not split the program into smaller slices and will require the full recording time up until 10.00pm.


Certainly looks like you do not have enough space to allow recording.

Also any recordings will not allow you to use the red button court choice on playback.

Red button choices also cannot be recorded


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