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Sky Q Mini

I've just set up the Sky Q mini box. Is it right that it doesn't seem to work when my main Sky Q box is on standby? Does this mean I have to have both TVs running at the same time to watch the TV with the mini box?


Also, none of the apps I have installed on my sky Q box seem to show on the mini. The main purpose of having a mini for this second TV was because I understood it would mean I could run apps such as netflix on it, without the need for having a Smart TV. Is this not the case?


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Re: Sky Q Mini

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Hi @Laura84uk   Mini boxes work when the Main box is in Standby. I would start by checking that the new Mini box has its Software up to date. It should be Q250.

Home -> Settings -> System info -> Software version -> Setup.

All Apps should be available on the Mini box.


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