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Sky Q “Download failed” No subscription

Hi there.


im wondering if anyone can help. I get the message "Download failed" crop up in a banner notification at the top of the tv, and "failed no subscription" underneath when im trying to download a movie, on demand, anything. It doesn't matter if its in SD/HD/UHD. The message is the same across all qualities and across all content. I've called up the helpline who have checked my account and can confirm I have the full package. They have booked an engineer but that's a week away! Anyone got any helpful tips? Tried all the usual restarting troubleshooting with sky over the phone. 


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Re: Sky Q “Download failed” No subscription

I will say first off, failed downloads often cycle through a few error messages. I got the mix of no subscription and network error when I was having download problems.

Mine were related to being on 4g broadband but they would sometimes work and sometimes wouldn't.

I'm assuming you are in the UK, does BBC offer catch up. Try downloading something from that (something without ads).

I could track my errors down to where there was an attempt to insert ads into the download.


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