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Incomplete recording - TV Series



I am having problem with recording TV Series - Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. Each epiosode is incomplete, as it only records 60 minutes and then it cuts off.


I have no problems with any other recordings, I tried to record programs which are also over an hour long and there is no problem at all.


Has anyone had a similar issue or know how to resolve it?


Could someone please try to record it and see if the problem is on my end, or Sky has the wrong timeline set up for this particular TV Series.


Many thanks


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Re: Incomplete recording - TV Series

I'm not familiar with this programme but is it on the "Great! Movies" channel? I can see it listed on Saturday morning at 9:10.


It is split in to two parts, with the first running from 9:10-10:05, then second part from 10:10-10:55.  You will need to set both part to record individually, as series link does not seem to be available (this is down to the channel).


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