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High pitched squeel

Has anyone experienced a very high pitched squealing when using SkyQ? More often than not it happens when we change from the app page (Netflix,Prime etc) but more increasingly when changing from random TV channels. TIA Y

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Re: High pitched squeel

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There is a known issue with certain configurations using mainly Panasonic TVs. Not just with SkyQ.

SkyQ Silver bundle (V2 2TB with UHD/HDR + two minis) in Sky region #71 (Oxford) using VirginMedia Gig1 Fibre (1.2Gbps/100Mbps).

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Re: High pitched squeel

Similar, but occasional sharp high pitched brief noise burst, maybe on changing source input or App but unable to make it happen.. Sky Q, Sony tv, Beosound bar, Apple +; no kit changes. Started recently and scares the dog! 


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