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Re: Sky Protect App on Android - keep being logged out

App hasnt logged me out in a couple of days but the rest just gets worse. Now the doorbell randomly shuts down completely. no lights, no detection or video recording...  pressing the button does nothing.

Have to remove it and physically turn it off at the little switch behind the charging cover. yes it will reboot if you do that.. But you have to actually be at home and aware that its shut down! Had 2 missed visitors today and no record or notifications of them. maybe I had more.. who knows?


Tried to use the call support button in the app.. hahahahahahaha. I honestly thought that much might work. no. technical error page.


Tried the webpage to contact support, again got a sorry technical error page.


Tried reading the support page (noticed while i was there the if you have a complaint about the insurance please contact zurich direct on 0333 (no number)


Device support? Rang, waited. nothing. Gave up. Doesnt appear to be any options anywhere for - your sky protect tech doesnt work. Maybe there is and it was lost in all the error pages.


I need to know, is this service actually fully up and running?? or are we all paying for an untested Beta version. it certainly doesnt seem to be fit for purpose as yet. And support is certainly not.





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