Discussion topic: Device Connection issues / contact sensor issues / updated status issues

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Device Connection issues / contact sensor issues / updated status issues

Hi community. 


Curious if anyone else is getting issues with Sky 'smart' protect tech? And if any solutions have been put forward? 


1. Device dont recover their connections automatically if even a drop in broadband. It appears you have to delete all devices and add them again. Seems utterly ludicrous!


2. Contacts sensors on doors (yes they are installed correctly) are randomly telling me the doors are open when I'm not home.. It's nonsense. Then they remain red status and 'open' in the app for hours. Nothing apparently  refreshes. 


3. If you refresh the app (by pulling down on the home page) , none of the actual status, nor the indoor camera feed actually refreshes?


4. If you alter the radius for auto-arm, I get an error pop up message saying  "wrong email. This email is already used". 


Any help much appreciated, as I'm genuinely annoyed by the sales pitch vs reality here. 




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Re: Device Connection issues / contact sensor issues / updated status issues

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1. Not seen this happen Myself. I have only had a few short downtimes with my Sky broadband since having the Sky protect kit. I do at least every fortnight reboot the router and all the Sky protect devices in both scenarios come back fine.
Might be worth after a broadband fault downtime, doing a clean router restart, that start up of wifi and all its devices tends to be a cleaner refresh than a fault.


2. Not seen any issues with the contact sensors. They have been very reliable and respond very promptly.
Would suggest removing the sensor bridge on the indoor camera for ten minutes and when replaced go round to each door sensor to wake up with that sensor bridge change.


3. On my Android phone devices and on my iPad, the refreshing works correctly.
Woud suggest any kind of device reboot and singning in and out of the app at least obce a week, to clear any cache problems.


4. This is a known problem, that the Sky protect team have acknowledged. In the last month the recent Sky protect app on my Android devices has solved this error. So check for recent app updates.
Plus, it has been recommended to report the issue using the email in the Sky protect app, detailing your device make/model, OS level version.

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