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Data plan number, eSIM’s. .

Just a quick question, it can be deleted  if its sounds a bit silly, ive recently bought an ipad mini 6 but i accidently bought the cellular version instead of wifi only version,,my question is if i bought another Data plan from Sky for my ipad,can i use the same number on both my iphone and ipad? Or would i have to have sepetate numbers for each device? Its just my mums the only Andoid user inthe family and im unable to text her via my ipad, would prefer an eSim for the ipad if possible as im familiar with them and know how to install or transfer them without contacting Sky. 

Thank you very much in advance.  Sorry if its  a bit of a noob question. 😊


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Re: Data plan number, eSIM’s. .

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@Barry1506 wrote:


can i use the same number on both my iphone and ipad? .


No, that's not possible.

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