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Tv sky glass

Hi I have sky glass and I'm paying for something that barely works!! So annoyed

id quite happily send it back and stop the contract but don't want you billing me and termination contract 

I have to keep turning it off and on by the wall as the tv it's self freezes up and just flashes red light and don't turn on 


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Re: Tv sky glass

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Hi @Sarahsarahx 


Your not talking to Sky. This is a customer helps customer forum. If you want to cancel your subscription you will need to call Sky customer services. You will still have to pay for the TV if purchased on finance, unless you can get Sky to accept that it's not fit for purpose or your in your first 31 days.


Some things which may help:


Go to settings > startup and standby > turn "networked standby mode" ON and turn "Overnight power saving" OFF


In order for Glass to work it needs 25mbps for HD and 30mpbs for UHD. What speed is your internet and how is your Glass connected? You may find connecting it via ethernet cable and turning WiFi off in the network settings will help.


You can check the speed your Glass is getting by opening Netflix, open the side menu and scroll down and across to get help. In the help menu select check network.



65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.

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