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Sky glass

Any one recommend sky glass !?


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Re: Sky glass

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Hi @zoemarie 


There are a few threads on the forum if you search for them. But mostly people come here with issues. You would be better checking out reviews online and some YouTube videos. However some thoughts and observations:


  • Glass is now over two years old. There are equal or better TVs on the market in terms of picture quality and capability, so a new non glass TV and sky stream my be a better option. It depends what you want. I have the 65" set and the wife loves it and it's not bad for the type of viewing we do in the living room, but i wouldnt use it for gaming etc and have a different set up in my 'man cave' for this.
  • Note you need fast and stable broadband for Glass or Stream as the internet is how channels are delivered. Sky recommend at least 30Mbps but this would be more if you have pucks around the house, and others placing heavy demand on your internet.
  • You cannot record. The playlist is like bookmarking in your web browser. Trying to play back will open the relevant broadcaster app, e.g. iPlayer. There is cloud recording but this is for specific content or where there is no broadcaster app. As a result there can be times where you playlist something on a TV channel and playback tried to open Disney plus etc. this is because live rights and on demand rights differ. Unless you subscribe to most of the popular services you may encounter this error. https://www.sky.com/glass/playlist#:~:text=Just%20press%20the%20Playlist%20%27%2B%27,Netflix%20can%2....
  • Glass is a heavy beast, so check as might not be suitable for wall mounting etc

We are happy with ours and it's allowed us to more easily move our living room around as no longer tethered to the dish. The pucks also offer 4k so all my TVs in the house have this, restricted to HD with Q mini boxes. We love the aesthetic and the sound is better than expected. 


Some more generic info: https://www.sky.com/help/articles/sky-glass-faqs


Hope this helps.




65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.
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Re: Sky glass

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@zoemarie I was going to reply to your post with my views but @mikealanr has already given an excellent answer and I fully agree with his post.  Personally I love the Sky streaming platform and wouldn't even consider returning to Sky Q.


I had 55" Glass TV for 18 months and although I had no problems with it the technology was getting old so I recently sold it and bought a new 65" Samsung TV and soundbar taking advantage of the Black Friday deals.  This coupled with a Stream puck is outstanding and I don't regret my decision to move to the Stream puck.


It's worth noting the resale value of a glass TV is very poor.

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