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Sky glass puke probably

I have a problem with the puk for my sky glass it's not working properly on TV upstairs some channels sound like an alien and ones that work the lips aren't in sink with sound I need it sorted 


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Re: Sky glass puke probably

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Hi @Clelland 


The puck works independently from your Glass. This is a knowen issue with the pucks and has been reported a number of times on the forum:


See: https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Sky-Stream/QS025-Lip-Sync-Issues/m-p/4607728


The noted resolution (workaround) is to change the settings for audio output to PCM.



65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.

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