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Sky Glass TV & Puck



I've recently added a 2nd Glass TV to my setup. The original TV was in my name and that account has been closed with a new one opened up in my wife account.


We now have the new glass TV in one room which works perfectly well with the original interface. The old  original Glass now works but only by connecting a puck to it and using it that way.


THe problem occurs when I try to switch to a different input (xbox via HMDI) on the original glass that has the puck connected, obviously there is no input selector on the remote and the voice activation doesn't take me anyway "I'm sorry, I can't take you there".  If I go into apps and inputs I don't have anything to select in there. 


The only way I can get it to connect to the xbox is by temporarily taking out the puck HDMI which automatically fires up the xbox.


Anyone else had a similar problem and been able to find a suitable solution? 


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Re: Sky Glass TV & Puck

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Hi @DaveWright1 


You don't need the puck for your 2nd (original) Sky Glass. As long as you have the whole home pack, which you must have for the puck to work, you can register your old glass against your wife's account and it will work "natively".


See: https://www.sky.com/help/articles/buying-sky-glass-second-hand



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