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After owning/using the sky glass 55" for 9 months we've had nothing but problems, for the price of the tv itself and service I'm appalled, on many occasions I have had trouble turning the tv on, pressing the on button on both the remote and the tv itself being left with a black screen waiting a few minutes trying again for it to just do the 'turning off' animation. This has happened probably 10 times and can something last up to 10/15 minutes.

Also had the issue of upon turning the tv on it'll have pink lines down the left side of the screen, it is easily overcome after a 'turn off and back on' but again I wouldn't expect this from any product let alone a product of this expense. 



 Lastly a number of times the tv will play no sound, when this happens I've tried everything but it seems to just want to work again when it's ready, there doesn't seem to be a remedy, not that I can think of anyway. Knowing this now we will not be renewing our tv subscription or internet with sky, if there wasn't a fee for cancelling these subscriptions, I'd have been on my way a long time ago.


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Have you reported the issues to Sky and requested a replacement?

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