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Remote control not working

Remote not working Ive followed the steps in turning tv off and on still not working 


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Re: Remote control not working

It's still not working after turning tv off and on 

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Re: Remote control not working

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Check the batteries
An easy way to check is to cover the buttons slightly on your Sky remote with your hand. You should see a white backlight behind the buttons. If you don't see the backlight the issue is the power with the remote, so potentially a battery issue.

Check the battery compartment to make sure the paper used to protect the battery has been fully removed. It might have ripped when being removed leaving some behind.

Still can't see the backlight? It’s likely you need to replace the two AAA batteries.

Pair the remote

Press 7 and 9 together on your Sky remote for three seconds (This resets/clears the remote)
Press 1 and 3 together for three seconds (bluetooth mode) and follow any on-screen instructions.

The next option sounds insane but a number of users have reported it resolving the issue with their remotes. You could try holding the remote at both ends and giving it a gentle twist as though you were wringing out a towel. It

If it is still not working have a look at the following guides:

If none of these options work you can request a replacement remote via this link: https://www.sky.com/help/forms/streaming-tv-remote

If you have an old Sky Q remote, you can use that as an interim solution whilst you await the new remote.

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