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Remote access for glass tv - elderly finding it difficult

I received my glass tv on Friday to replace virgin package that came to an end and a 42"tv that was 15 years old. I thought it would be great for my mum to see the big 55' display with 4K and hdr. I was upgrading from a bush soundbar to the atmos speakers within the tv. I was not blown away by the sound as I'd owned a true 5.1 surround set up in my flat but at least the sound was decent. The picture was an awesome upgrade in my opinion to the full hd Hannspree

tv which had begun to really show its age with burn in. My problem is this: my mother is 83 years old and now suffering early signs of dementia. The voice control not respond to her voice, the tv starts up on the confusing Home Screen and not where she left off watching her favourite channels, the remote is too confusing for her. I thought I'd opt for the home insurance including tech support as her home insurance was also running out, I thought I could maybe position the indoor camera in the lounge to keep an eye on mum when I'm at eork

ir away on holiday, benefit from door bell alarm, leak sensors and motion sensors on doors in case she left doors open, most of all though I was hoping I could talk to the sky glass to wake it up and put her favourite channel on, it doesn't work, the tv doesn't respond via the indoor camera speaker. 

does anyone know if I can use another indoor camera from anywhere else? Then I could simply put the sky camera in another room like the dining room to watch the back door.


Im asking social adult care for help in the day but it's a waiting game for a little while, I'm now having to

put the tv on before I go to work so she has something to watch but she can't change channel. 

I go on holiday in June and hope to have a solution by then or I'll have to ask carers to come in and it be part of their care package for her. 

skyglass 55"

atmos and hdr package

netflix premium 

Apple TV 3 months free trial with sky vip

now tv on fire stick (sky cinema until end April then was going to upgrade to Sky's own cinema or maybe keep with now tv rolling contract on special offer as it may be cheaper than £9 pm for 18 months)


ps it would be a shame to send it back after 30 days. 

Any help much appreciated 




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