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WOw! It seems quite hard to send positive comments on Sky. I was asked when we first joined to send our thoughts on our new service, but as it was so new I had to experience it as a non-technical user first. Well, we are all so impressed. I mean it! It is so different to BT. We had constant connection problems and the T.V, choice was not, in anyway, akin to Sky. I deliberated for years, honestly, in who we should change to. We had tried Talk Talk before and although cheap, if you had any problems, it proved to be a two week nightmare to solve! Time a busy family does not have to spend. We had BT previously and again we had varying bills which frustrated us greatly as we had to manage money tightly. After another 5 years of BT I was sick to the bone of it. I rang Sky and told them how much I wanted to pay. They gave me a box set deal, cheaper than BT and we have NEVER looked back. There is soooo much to watch now. I stuck to re-runs of  the marvellous Big Bang Theory,  as it was the best entertainment. NOW, honestly we just don't now what to watch, well we do, but everyone argues over it! I told BT I was changing as was advised by SKY and the salesperson must have been under soo much pressure to sell as he got very upset. He said that SKY would be using BT's lines so the connection would be the same...well it has not. I have no explanation but even through windy, poor weather, our signal has not changed. The poor BT chap got a bit emotional and asked why I was telling him (after all his effort in trying to keep us) when we had already moved. I explained that SKY advised us so that BT were updated for the change over. I am just hoping that the bubble with  SKY will not burst and that or monthly charge does not shoot up. If it remains as manageable, then I can not see why we would ever need to change again. How positive is that SKY?!

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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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